Whilst appreciating that packaging is an indispensable part of modern life, Neville and More is sensitive to the impact that packaging waste materials can have on our environment. The raw materials used in the manufacture of all Neville and More products are all recyclable. This includes glass bottles, glass jars, HDPE bottles, polypropylene jars, PET bottles, PET jars and polypropylene closures.

Due to growing concern about the environmental impact of PVC, Neville and More has totally phased out the usage of all PVC containers. Neville and More is now able to offer our PET bottles and jars manufactured from 100% Post Consumer Recycled Resins (PCR). We are also actively investigating the possibility of using biodegradable raw materials.

Our in-house testing laboratory can be used to assist our customers in selecting the most suitable packaging for their product and help eliminate unnecessary wastage.