Trigger Sprayer Information

Trigger Anatomy.jpg

The nozzle is available in different styles to enable different applications. These include spray/stream, spray/foam and foam. The nozzle can also be available in a different colour to the rest of the trigger sprayer.

  • Foamer A Nozzle.jpgFoamer Nozzle A (plastic mesh)
  • Foamer B Nozzle.jpgFoamer Nozzle B (plastic mesh)
  • Foamer D Nozzle.jpgFoamer Nozzle D (metal mesh)
  • Spray Foam Nozzle.jpgSpray Foam Nozzle
  • Spray Spray Nozzle.jpgSpray Spray Nozzle
  • Spray Stream Nozzle.jpgSpray Stream Nozzle

Please contact us for information on minimum order quantities for different colour/shroud combinations or go to our trigger sprayer product catalogue to see our standard stock trigger spray options.

The trigger can also be available in a different colour to the rest of the trigger sprayer.

The closure is available in different specifications to suit different bottle neck specifications. These include the most commonly used 28mm 410 and also 28mm 400. The closure can also be available in a different colour to the rest of the trigger sprayer.

Trigger Sprayers are available with different outputs, These include 0.75ml, 1.2ml and the higher output 1.6ml

There are over 25 different shroud options to choose from and the different styles can be viewed below:

  • Trigger Style 1.JPGShroud style 1
  • Trigger Style 2.JPGShroud style 2
  • Trigger Style 3.JPGShroud style 3
  • Trigger Style 4.JPGShroud style 4
  • Trigger Style 5.JPGShroud style 5
  • Trigger Style 6.JPGShroud style 6
  • Trigger Style 7.JPGShroud style 7
  • Trigger Style 8.JPGShroud style 8
  • Trigger Style 9.jpgShroud style 9
  • Trigger Style 10.JPGShroud style 10
  • Trigger Style 11.JPGShroud style 11
  • Trigger Style 12.JPGShroud style 12
  • Trigger Style 13.JPGShroud style 13
  • Trigger Style 14.JPGShroud style 14
  • Trigger Style 15.JPGShroud style 15
  • Trigger Style 16.JPGShroud style 16
  • Trigger Style 17.JPGShroud style 17
  • Trigger Style 18.JPGShroud style 18
  • Trigger Style 19.JPGShroud style 19
  • Trigger Style 20.JPGShroud style 20
  • Trigger Style 21.JPGShroud style 21
  • Trigger Style 22.JPGShroud style 22
  • High Output Trigger Style 1.JPGHigh Output Shroud Style 1
  • High Output Trigger Style 2.JPGHigh Output Shroud Style 2
  • High Output Trigger Style 3.JPGHigh Output Shroud Style 3
  • High Output Trigger Style 4.JPGHigh Output Shroud Style 4
  • High Output Trigger Style 5.JPGHigh Output Shroud Style 5