Neville and More's 360 trigger sprayer

Neville and More is offering an updated version of its trigger spray dispenser that provides 360 degree spraying capabilities. This facilitates spraying of product from any angle, including an upside down position, which enables product to be applied to even the most awkward places.

The sprayer is available in the universally popular 24mm, 410 bottle neck specification which means the dispenser can be used on hundreds of standard plastic cylindrical, square and oval bottles in either crystal clear PET or HDPE available direct from our extensive stocks.

This sprayer is ideal for dispensing a wide range of products including cleaning products, personal care products and veterinary products where the area to be treated is often restricted or difficult to reach or access.

The upside down sprayer is a further innovative addition to Neville and More's extensive dispenser and sprayer product range. the company has over 100 different dispenser types, all available direct from stock for a flexible minimum order of just a single carton with dip tubes cut to match the bottle height.