Comprehensive range of injection vials in multiple materials

Neville and More now offers a comprehensive range of injection vials in multiple materials. These include type 1 moulded borosilicate glass and type 1 tubular borosilicate glass.

The glass vials are all manufactured by SGD under BS EN ISO 15378: 2011 production conditions, specifically for primary packaging materials destined for medicinal products.

As the sole UK authorized distributor for SGD glass vials, Neville and More provides a comprehensive quality management system and supply chain direct from the manufacturing facility.

The glass vials are available in sizes from 2ml to 200ml, with 13mm and 20mm standard ISO crimp neck and comply with US and European Pharmacopeia for type 1, type 2 and type 3 glass.

Colours include amber and clear glass.

All vials in all materials carry DMF (Drug Master File) registration and access.

Neville and More also offers a full range of compatible closure systems including rubber injection stoppers, freeze dry stoppers and aluminium overseals.

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