Neville & More's type 1 glass pharmaceutical vials and ampoules

Neville and More has recently launched an original line of type 1 neutral tubular glass vials and ampoules.

This family of Borosilicate glass vials covers an extensive range of sizes from 2ml to 100ml so that the vials can be duly used for assorted tasks and functions.

Neck specifications include standard 13mm and 20mm crimp neck and standard screw threads, and Neville and More also offers a full range of compatible closure systems.

The vials and ampoules are manufactured under high quality conditions operating to ISO 15378 certification, and conform to both European and US Pharmacopeia requirements.

This new range of glass tubing vials further extends Neville and More's comprehensive range of glass bottles and vials specifically developed and manufactured for use by the pharmaceutical industry.