Neville and More's extensive new range of foamer bottles and foamer dispensers

Neville and More has designed and created a brand new range of foamer bottles and foamer dispensers, and the range includes 16 different bottles in both HDPE and PET to ensure maximum compatibility across a broad scope of products.

Sizes include 30ml, 50ml, 75/80ml, and 100ml with two different styles of 30mm mini foamer dispenser and 100ml, 150ml, 200ml and 250ml with a 43mm foamer dispenser. All the bottle sizes are available in both HDPE and PET materials.

This new foamer bottle range has been developed to support the growing demand for foaming products across the personal care market. However, the company also holds a large inventory of other products which serve other markets.

Located in the UK, Neville and More has global packaging knowledge with alliances across the globe. The company's unique combination of packaging expertise and specialist logistics, warehousing and inventory skills means that clients get high quality packaging delivered with the minimum possible lead times.