Neville and More launches new range of plastic bottles for High Pressure Processing (HPP) treatment

Neville and More has developed a new range of plastic (PET) bottles, specifically for use during High Pressure Processing (HPP) treatment of beverage products.

The extensive range of bottles includes 40 different products, ranging in size from 30ml to 1000ml capacity. Shapes include round and square.

Single shot sizes are available in 30ml, 50ml, 60ml and 100ml capacities.

The entire bottle range is compatible with tamper evident closures to enhance product safety.

The tamper evident closures have been designed to retain the integrity of the bottle closure seal during the high pressure treatment so that no leakage of product occurs during or after the treatment process.

This means the bottles are great for retaining the fresh flavour of products such as juices and smoothies.

The non-thermal HPP process keeps the original fruit/vegetable taste and colour, allowing the creation of high quality premium beverage products.

The desired microbial inactivation is achieved whilst ensuring the nutritional and functional properties of the products remain intact. This means that the process is beneficial for use in the development of natural, organic, preservative free and functional products, whilst at the same time extending product shelf-life.

In addition to the standard HPP bottle range, Neville and More can also design and create a specific custom developed bottle shape with brand name embossing for an investment of only £5000.