BRC approved PET jars and bottles from stock

Neville and More's extensive range of PET Jars and Bottles is now manufactured to the widely respected BRC IOP quality standard.

This internationally recognised quality standard, developed jointly by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and the Institute of Packaging (IOP), sets out certain hygiene and quality requirements for packaging manufacturers supplying plastic bottles and jars.

The BRC and IOP have developed this Standard to assist retailers in the fulfilment of their legal obligations. The Standard supports the creation of common and consistent manufacturing quality procedures and behaviour which assists in the protection of the consumer by providing a basis for the audit of companies supplying packaging destined for the retail supply chain.

Manufacturers of packaging who conform to the Standard, have implemented the appropriate systems and controls in order to ensure that the Jars and Bottles provide a safe and hygienic environment for the protection of filled containers, and safeguard the health of consumers.