New Porto bottles

Neville and More have launched a brand new range of PET bottles.

The Porto Range is available in five sizes of PET including, 250ml, 500ml, 700ml, 750ml and 1000ml.

The round chunky shape of the Porto Range creates a luxury look and feel for enhanced shelf presence.

All the bottles in the Porto Range have the same 31.5mm neck specification which is suitable for an aluminium or plastic screw on tamper evident cap. A pouring insert is also available to regulate the product flow out of the bottles.

The Porto Range of bottles have been designed to be available in three different weights of PET, to enable the bottles to have the rigidity and brilliant clarity of glass but with the additional benefits of being unbreakable and significantly lighter in weight.

This means less breakage and spillage and significantly reduced transport distribution costs and postage costs for mail order or internet shopping.