Innovative brand logo embossing on PET plastic bottles

Neville and More is now able to offer cost effective brand logo embossing capabilities on to PET Beverage Bottles.

This innovative service creates enhanced brand differentiation and identity.

The approximate cost of the service is £1800 for a two cavity blow mould tool and the minimum production quantity, depending on the bottle size, is approximately 10,000 units.

If the annual quantities are sufficient, the tooling cost can be amortised in the unit cost of the bottles which means no up front tooling cost.

Bottle sizes available for logo embossing range between 250ml and 1000ml.

Interested brands currently include beverage products, personal care products and healthcare supplement drink manufacturers.

If you would like a 3D digital image of your brand logo embossed on to a bottle free of charge so that you can visualise your brand logo on a bottle, please simply reply to this email and we will contact you for a copy of your logo and then forward you the 3D image.