Testing Lab

To assist our customers in selecting the most suitable packaging for their product and to help resolve quality issues, we have created our own in-house testing laboratory.

We are able to perform the following types of analysis:

  • Vacuum leak testing

    To check compatibility between containers and closures and reduce the possibility of product leakage.

  • Accelerated shelf life compatibility

    To demonstrate if a particular packaging is compatible with the product to be packed. This can help highlight any detrimental effect of the product on the container material or on the closure system under consideration.

  • Torque testing

    Which can be invaluable in the diagnosis of capping and leakage problems.

  • Dip tube and liner swell tests

    To help pre-empt compatibility issues with dispensers and closures.

  • Induction liner performance analysis

    Which helps to select the optimal induction seal liner material for an effective tamper evident seal with a particular container material.

To avoid problems, It is essential to thoroughly test all packaging to ensure compatibility with the product to be filled