Exhibition Centre

Visit our brand new Packaging Exhibition, Innovation and Sampling Centre. A unique display of innovative bottles, jars, closures, dispensers and sprayers from the very best manufacturing facilities throughout the world.



  • New range of cost effective tamper evident plastic jars

    The range includes four sizes from 150ml to 500ml. All four jars in the range can be produced in any colour at all, including different blues, reds, whites, blacks, greens, yellows, and oranges for only 5,000 units.

    Different coloured closures can be mixed and matched with different coloured jars making striking colour combinations possible for extra brand shelf appeal.

    This new range of jars further enhances Neville and More's extensive range of over 200 different plastic jar shapes and sizes in polypropylene and crystal clear PET.

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  • Novelty PET bottles are all the rage

    Neville and More now has the ability to develop cost effective new and novelly-shaped plastic PET bottles and jars. The very low mould costs and flexible production quantities mean food and beverage brand owners can develop unique shapes to support special brand extensions, limited edition promotions and seasonal promotional activity.

    Product ranges for Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween, etc. are all perfect occasions to use this service to transform brand extensions. Different shapes could include a rocket, soccer ball, pumpkin, Christmas tree, cupcake, teddy bear, honey bee or heart shape.

    Why not challenge us with your ideas and suggestions? Together we can create the perfect uniquely shaped bottle or jar for your brand.

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  • New dry powder sprayers by Neville and More

    Neville and More, as part of their extensive dispenser product range, has launched a new Dry Powder and Glitter Sprayer.

    As the name suggests, this innovative new dispensing product enables dry products to be sprayed much in the same way as a liquid or fragrance is currently sprayed using a traditional finger sprayer.

    This creates new and exciting ways of dispensing a wide range of dry products that have been traditionally dispensed by shaking the product out of the container. This means that the product can now be more precisely directed to the desired point of application.

    The dry product sprayer comes in a range of sizes from 14ml to 120ml and is available with alternative styles of dispensing actuators.

    Different colours and finishes are available including a metallic effect.

    This new innovation further enhances Neville and More's existing and extensive range of dispensing options that includes spray pumps, lotion pumps, treatment pumps, airless dispensers and foam pumps.

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  • Latest glass bottles and jars for cosmetic, fragrance and skin care products

    The new additions to the Neville and More glass bottle and jar range include three oval glass bottles in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml, all with the same standard 20mm screw neck finish.

    All three bottles are available direct from stock for a minimum order of just a single pallet which means short lead-times and consistent continuity of supply from product launch onwards.

    Closures for the new bottles include plastic and aluminium screw on caps, dropper pipettes, fragrance spray pumps, lotion pumps, serum pumps and treatment pumps.

    The new bottles are ideal for packaging lotions, serums and fragrance products and increase Neville and More's standard stock glass bottle and jar range to over 60 different products, all available direct from stock for a minimum order of just a single pallet.

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We believe that our success is based on the simple objective of providing high quality, appealing, innovative products direct from stock, backed up by an enthusiasm and determination to provide exceptional customer service.

  • An ability to really listen and comprehend your requirements.

  • Combine this understanding with our extensive knowledge of, and relationships with, top manufacturers and sourcing partners around the world.

  • Use this combination of understanding, knowledge and experience to offer you creative, reliable and cost effective products and solutions that are tailored to your needs.

  • A large stockholding of innovative, appealing, high quality packaging which means reduced lead-times. We stock so YOU don’t have to.

  • Purpose built Exhibition and Sampling Centre that YOU can visit to accelerate and simplify YOUR packaging development process.

  • Comprehensive supplier approval process including supplier audits, risk assessment, supplier evaluation and validation.

  • Supply Chain Management, including Production Scheduling and Dual Sourcing to enable just in time delivery and contingency arrangements to facilitate continuity of supply which means less risk for you.

  • In-House Laboratory Testing Facility including accelerated product shelf life analysis and vacuum leak testing of container/closure compatibility, to reduce your risk.

  • An in depth knowledge and understanding of key manufacturing processes such as Injection Moulding, Extrusion Blow Moulding, Single and Two Stage Injection Stretch Blow Moulding and Glass Manufacturing.

  • Testing Lab

    To assist our customers in selecting the most suitable packaging for their product and to help resolve quality issues, we have created our own in-house testing laboratory.

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  • Global reach

    We export our products to 30 different countries around the world, demonstrating a high level of satisfaction for our products and services from a diverse range of clients located across the globe.

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  • Environment

    Neville and More is sensitive to the impact that packaging waste materials can have on our environment. The raw materials used in the manufacture of all Neville and More products are all recyclable.

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  • Careers

    Due to ongoing expansion at our Southwater head office, we are seeking well rounded, enthusiastic and positive members to join our dedicated and friendly team.

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