Choosing sustainable packaging is no longer something that is “nice to have”—it’s a brand and business imperative. Across Europe, legislators are rolling out mandates, and retailers are rewarding brands that reduce their carbon footprint. Customers are also rewarding companies that prioritise social and environmental responsibility with their brand loyalty.

At Neville & More, a TricorBraun company, we know that sustainability is front and center—and we think about it every day. We monitor the legislative landscape, from the UK’s tax on plastic packaging to the EU’s sweeping new proposal that would address everything from package design to shipping, compostability, reuse, recycling and compliance—and impact everything from coffee pods to shipping containers. Staying up-to-date on what’s happening and what could happen helps us help our customers prepare today to meet the future of sustainable packaging.

Building Your Sustainable Package

We offer a range of sustainable materials, including:

        • Post-consumer recycled resin
        • Post-industrial recycled resin
        • Aluminium
        • Glass
        • Flexible bags (Biotrē™)
        • Compostable rigid packaging
        • Recyclable paperboard
        • Recyclable closures
        • Plant-based polymers

Our packaging experts understand how to apply the three key packaging levers—material selection, circularity, and optimisation—to help determine your best path to sustainable packaging. In addition to material selection, designing for circularity (e.g., designing for recycling, refill/reuse) offers an opportunity to reduce total material use and improve recyclability. Similarly, you can optimise your package (e.g., size and shape), and also improve manufacturing and operational efficiencies. Neville & More can also support by designing strong graphics that showcase your sustainable offerings with on-pack messaging that shows consumers that you care about the environment – just like they do.

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