Looking Through Glass

There was a time when glass was simply a hard crystal-like solid, made from soda and lime and resulting in a hard, transparent compound. But times have changed and so too has glass. Whilst glass is still the favoured container for pharmaceutical products, glass has developed and taken on new properties enabling it higher resistance and stability to different formulae and preparations.

Neville and More offers a range of containers in different types of glass so that the most suitable container size and material for pharmaceutical products based on its hydrolytic resistance can be utilized.

Hydrolytic resistance is expressed by the resistance to the release of soluble mineral substances into water under specific prescribed conditions of contact between the inner surface of the container (the glass) and water. The amount of extracted alkali is evaluated by titration.

As a total solution provider, Neville and More offers glass containers in three different glass types, along with appropriate caps, closures and dispensers. According to their hydrolytic resistance, the three types of glass are classified as follows.

Neutral Glass, Type I (Borosilicate glass)

A neutral glass with high hydrolytic stability due to its chemical composition. Considered suitable for most preparations whether or not for parenteral administration. Injectable products with acid, neutral or slightly alkaline pH can be packed in this type of glass. Type I glass is also more resistant to heat shock than other types of glass.

Type II

Usually a soda lime silica glass with a high hydrolytic resistance which results from special treatment to the inner surface of the glass (normally ammonium sulphate) and is generally suitable for most acidic and neutral preparations – or for aqueous preparations, including parenteral administration.

Type III

Usually uncoated soda lime glass with moderate hydrolytic resistance and generally suitable for non-aqueous preparations for parenteral administration and powders for parenteral use (excluding freeze-dried preparations) and preparations not for parenteral administration.

A large selection of glass bottles can be viewed in the Neville and More product catalogue where the type of glass is specified along with other attributes and characteristics of each of the glass bottles.

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