• A company steeped in 70 years of packaging innovation and consistent growth.

    Neville and More, a TricorBraun® company, was founded in 1952 by Barrymore Neville Pendred, an ambitious young man in his early twenties, recently discharged from the army after completing his national service.

  • 1952Foundation

    In the early 1950’s, the company was focussed exclusively on the supply of glass and plastic bottles and associated closures to healthcare companies and hospitals throughout the UK.

    After several years of carefully managed growth, Neville and More was acquired by Mr Brian Wakeley.

    Further consistent growth followed until in 1992, when company was acquired by Mr David Sharpe who brought substantial packaging expertise and market knowledge to Neville and More.

  • 2022New ownership

    From 1992 onwards, the company continued to add more new and innovative products and growth of the company continued at an impressive and consistent rate right up until the present date.

    In 2022 Neville and More was acquired by TricorBraun® and is a thriving multi million pound company and recognized leader in its field.

    Key markets now include Healthcare, Personal Care, Food and Beverage, and Household and Industrial.

  • Our clients include an impressive list of large household names such as 3M Company, Novartis, Bodyshop, Alliance Boots, Marks and Spencer, Selfridge & Co, Next, AstraZeneca alongside many smaller and medium sized companies throughout Europe.

  • Today, we boast an experienced and knowledgeable team of packaging experts and logistics professionals ready to help our clients identify, plan, forecast and take delivery of the best packaging solutions tailored to their needs.

  • Our brand new state of the art storage and distribution facility now houses more than 1000 different standard stock bottles, jars, closures, dispensers and sprayers which can all be delivered direct from stock with minimal lead times and flexible, low minimum order quantities.

The Neville and More Difference

We believe our success is based on providing high quality, appealing, innovative products direct from stock, supported by exceptional customer service.

Listening and Understanding
  • We genuinely listen to customer requirements and only move forward with projects when we fully comprehend our clients' needs
  • Our extensive knowledge of, and relationships with, top manufacturers and sourcing partners worldwide allow us to satisfy those requirements
  • This combination of understanding, knowledge and experience enables us to offer creative, reliable and cost-effective packaging tailored to customer needs
Speed and Efficiency
  • Neville and More stocks numerous innovative and appealing packaging items which means reduced lead times: we stock so you don't have to
  • We offer our customers an Exhibition and Sampling Centre they can visit to accelerate and simplify the packaging development process
  • We are experts in key manufacturing processes such as injection moulding, extrusion blow moulding, single and two stage injection stretch blow moulding, and glass manufacturing
Lowering your risk
  • We provide supply chain management, including production scheduling and dual sourcing for just-in-time delivery and contingency arrangements for supply continuity
  • We have an in-house laboratory testing facility that offers accelerated product shelf life analysis and vacuum leak testing of container/ closure compatibility
  • Our comprehensive supplier approval process includes vetting procedures such as supplier audits, risk assessment and supplier evaluation/ validation


'Neville and More operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001 : 2015 for the scope of the supply of Bottles, Jars, Closures, Dispensers and Sprayers in Glass, Plastic and Aluminium'

View certificate (valid until 2024)

Global Reach

Neville and More has, over many years, built up an extensive knowledge and invaluable relationships with top manufacturers and sourcing partners around the world. This enables us to select the most appropriate and competent partner to undertake a particular project.

We have a sourcing office in Shanghai to support our Chinese manufacturing network.

We export our products to 30 different countries around the world, demonstrating a high level of satisfaction for our products and services from a diverse range of clients located across the globe.

Neville and More Environment Policy

Neville and More operates from a recently constructed facility that incorporates the latest energy conservation technologies.

This includes roof mounted solar panels that create an energy neutral building. This efficiency is reinforced by the use of the latest building materials such as cladded wall panels to increase the insulation and reduce energy loss from our facility.

We have installed a baler system at our facility in order to compact and recycle paper, board and plastic materials.

Any rejected glass is also recycled.

Whilst appreciating that packaging is an indispensible part of modern life, Neville and More is sensitive to the impact that packaging waste materials can have on our environment.

The raw materials used in the manufacture of Neville and More products are all recyclable.

This includes glass bottles, glass jars, HDPE bottles, polypropylene jars, PET bottles, PET jars and polypropylene closures.

Due to the growing concern about the environmental impact of PVC, Neville and More phased out the usage of all PVC containers many years ago.

Neville and More is actively supplying products manufactured from post-consumer recycled resins. This includes PET bottles and jars and polypropylene closures that are used in the Cosmetic and Personal Care Industries.