Neville and More's cost effective stock PET bottles

A number of new standard PET bottles have recently been added to Neville and More's comprehensive plastic bottle range. Made from large cavitation mouldings, the new additions provide an extremely cost effective selection of PET bottles.

The new bottles include various sizes ranging from a petite 10ml, which is ideal for travel packs, right up to and including 500ml cylindrical shaped bottles. The full range of crystal clear PET bottles now includes over 100 different shapes and sizes available from stock for a minimum order of just a single pallet.

All these new PET bottle ranges are manufactured in BRC/IOP accredited manufacturing facilities which means the bottles are produced in a controlled and clean environment.

Furthermore, all bottles in the ranges have industry standard neck specifications ensuring that compatible closures and dispensers are also available to create the perfect packaging solution for food and beverage, personal care, health care, home and industrial products; such as lotion dispensers, spray pumps, dropper caps, disc top caps and flip top caps.