New dry powder sprayers by Neville and More

Neville and More, as part of their extensive dispenser product range, has launched a new Dry Powder and Glitter Sprayer.

As the name suggests, this innovative new dispensing product enables dry products to be sprayed much in the same way as a liquid or fragrance is currently sprayed using a traditional finger sprayer.

This creates new and exciting ways of dispensing a wide range of dry products that have been traditionally dispensed by shaking the product out of the container. This means that the product can now be more precisely directed to the desired point of application.

The dry product sprayer comes in a range of sizes from 14ml to 120ml and is available with alternative styles of dispensing actuators.

Different colours and finishes are available including a metallic effect.

This new innovation further enhances Neville and More's existing and extensive range of dispensing options that includes spray pumps, lotion pumps, treatment pumps, airless dispensers and foam pumps.